About Me:

Jess Sloss is a  marketer and entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada. He’s the creator of “The New Work Workshop”, a career bootcamp for the new economy and the host of “This is New Work” a podcast about the people making a living in the new economy and the stories of how they do it (launching January 2019).


The New Work Workshop
A workshop series designed to provide the context needed to build a “successful” career in an uncertain future.

A rambling podcast on the future of work and how we find our place in it.

Recent projects:

The Ultra Violet Protocol
Build tokenised knowledge communities.

Protos Asset Management
I played a small role in launching Protos, one of the first  Security Token offerings. Protos is a financial advisory and asset management firm who launched a Tokenized Fund in Q4, 2017.

Crypto Basecamp
Crypto conferences are laaaame. This one wasn’t. This expertly curated event brought some of the top minds in the crypto space to a mountain top in Utah for a no-pitching, no social media, slope-side weekend of  kind people, great food and even better conversation. The event was run in partnership between Distributed Global, a financial management company exclusively focused on digital and blockchain-based digital assets.

Significant Other
We live in a noisy world, the key to standing out is being meaningfully different. SO is a Brand Strategy Workshop that helps founders identify their “other” and communicate it with impact. Participants create a “Strategic Story” for use in sales, marketing, recruiting and fundraising.

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