Hey, it’s Jess.

I’m a marketer and facilitator focused on helping you thrive in the new, connected economy.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium. Or write an email.

Some of the more interesting things I’ve done:

I’ve driven a TukTuk across Indonesia, helped an indie band get a major label record deal, put 20m+ views on a poetry video (and get the poet on the main stage of TED just 3 days after we launched), taught hundreds of older folks how to use ipads, helped launch one of the first Security Tokens and founded a cryptocurrency startup at the height of the crypto bubble (ouch).


The New Work Workshop
A workshop series designed to provide the context needed to build a “successful” career in an uncertain future.

A podcast on the future of work and how we find our place in it.

Recent projects:

The Ultra Violet Protocol
Build tokenised knowledge communities.

Protos Asset Management
I played a small role in launching Protos, one of the first  Security Token offerings. Protos is a financial advisory and asset management firm who launched a Tokenized Fund in Q4, 2017.

Crypto Basecamp
Crypto conferences are laaaame. This one wasn’t. This expertly curated event brought some of the top minds in the crypto space to a mountain top in Utah for a no-pitching, no social media, slope-side weekend of  kind people, great food and even better conversation.

Significant Other
We live in a noisy world, the key to standing out is being meaningfully different. SO is a Brand Strategy Workshop that helps founders identify their “other” and communicate it with impact. Participants create a “Strategic Story” for use in sales, marketing, recruiting and fundraising.